Goggles FAQ

When it comes to safety it's important that you know the rules! 

Do I need to wear goggles?

Only Women's Lacrosse Players wear goggles as all Men's players wear a helmet.

In the past couple of years the New Zealand Women's Lacrosse Association has brought in mandatory rulings that all female players Under 18 must wear goggles in both Auckland and Waikato. This is across both the school and representative level.

For female players over 18 it is optional but recommended to wear goggles.

Can I wear goggles over my glasses? 

Most players choose to play without glasses (if glasses usually worn in everyday life) but there are some larger styles of goggles that might fit over glasses. We don't currently range any of these styles but could help source a 2nd hand pair for you if you would like to play in glasses - please get in touch.

In general I always suggest that it's best for players to try on goggles before purchasing if possible as they can fit peoples face so differently. If you're not able to get to us in Auckland then try on your teammates goggles and see which ones fit you best!


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