About Lacrosse Down Under

Having played lacrosse for 28 years I'm well aware of the difficulties of getting hold of lacrosse gear!

I started playing when I was at boarding school in the UK, went on to play for Wales in 2 Lacrosse World Cups (2005 & 2009) and more recently when I moved to New Zealand in 2011 I continued to play at International level and Co-Captained New Zealand at the Lacrosse World Cups in 2013 in Canada and 2017 in England. I'm now a Mum of 3 girls and play for Lacrosse Central Club in Auckland during the Summer League and any other opportunities that come up!

After moving to New Zealand I quickly became aware of the fact that it was really difficult to source good value, quality lacrosse gear. Geographically we're a long way from the major lacrosse manufacturers and with this in mind I researched options to make it viable to get hold of gear for the lacrosse community down here.

In 2014 I set up Lacrosse Down Under and I now source gear from America, Europe and Asia to bring you the best value for quality products - played with by the world's best players and teams!

I would love any feedback about the website, any of the products or any suggestions for new products.

Please email me directly at : Hello@LacrosseDownUnder.co.nz


Sian Keys