Choosing a new stick!


If you're after some new lacrosse gear you've come to the right place!

Choosing a new stick can be quite confusing... there are a lot of different brands and styles and that's before you've gone anywhere near colours!!

There are different sticks for Women and Men and also some players choose to have different styles of sticks for different playing positions. We'll give you some topline information about these but for more specific questions please contact us :


Women's Sticks:

Historically World Lacrosse (International govening body for lacrosse) imposed very strict rules about Women's Sticks and some were deemed 'Legal' and others deemed 'Illegal' for International Play (New Zealand Lacrosse uses the World Lacrosse International Rules) however in 2019 these rules were relaxed and the 'Legal' list is now bigger than ever! The biggest change is that Mesh is now allowed in the Women's game internationally where as previously it was only allowed in the Men's game and then initially only in the USA for Women but now everyone can play with it if they want to. (World Lacrosse rule change announcement)

However this change has given us new challenges here at Lacrosse Down Under as we still want to sell a range of the best sticks available for all levels of player but we also don't want to stock so many that it makes the decision impossible to make!! 

We categorise the sticks we sell into:

Beginner / Entry Level (Brand new to the game - either as an adult or a younger player),

Intermediate (Played lacrosse for a couple of years and looking to develop your skills )

Elite (Solid stick skills and looking for the next stick to help advance their game to Representative or International Level.


Men's Sticks:

Men's lacrosse sticks are made from the same materials as Women's sticks (Predominantly Plastic or Wood and Aluminium through the handle) They usually have a mesh pocket and the main rule in terms of the pocket is that the ball doesn't sag below the bottom edge of the sidewall when held horizontally.

Men's Sticks


Differences with levels of sticks (Men's and Women's)

The main differences between sticks as you go up through the levels are : Weight of stick, side wall depth, stringing options in the head, shaft options - Composite vs Alloy. 

Side Wall Depth - When you're learning to catch a ball you need to use soft hands and really cushion the ball in, same thing with lacrosse! When you're learning it's easier to have a stick with a higher sidewall to help you catch the ball. However there is a check which is done at the start of every Women's Lacrosse game and the umpire needs to be able to see the ball over the sidewall of the stick held horizontally. Therefore there's a maximum height that this sidewall can be in order to pass this check. You can either have a high sidewall or a deeper pocket...more advanced sticks have a lower sidewall to enable a deeper pocket but I wouldn't recommend jumping to this until your stickwork is really strong. In Men's lacrosse the ball must not sag below the bottom edge of the sidewall.

Stick Weight - Generally you want to play with the lightest stick possible - if you've got to carry it around all game you don't want to be lugging something too heavy. Most sticks are now a lot lighter than they used to be - the average stick around 5 - 6 years ago weighed approx 450g but now most sticks we sell are between 320-350g! 

Stringing Options - There are a huge number of different options available, especially since the rules changed in Women's Lacrosse recently. Previously mesh pockets were only allowed in Men's sticks and not Women's but this changed recently and now both Men and Women are allowed to have Mesh, Strings, Channels, Leathers or a combination of both.

The general opinion is that mesh can give you good consistency and hold (ball stays in the pocket) which can be great for beginners however a more traditional pocket (leathers and or strings) can give you better feel when you throw or shoot the ball.

The best way to know what pocket you really like is to try it yourself! Get in touch with us to discuss different options and possibly arranging to come and try some different sticks and pockets before you buy.


Shaft Options -

Alloy vs Composite: There are a couple of different options when it comes to shafts. Two of the biggest variations are Composite vs Alloy. Very briefly Alloy shafts are generally very light and strong and Composite shafts have more flexibility which gives you extra speed on your shots. A huge generalisation is that often defensive players prefer an alloy and attack players prefer a composite. My own personal opinion is that if you love the feel of a stick and it works for you then that's the most important thing!!

10 degree offset: Another variation which you will hear about in lacrosse is 'Offset' - this means that instead of a straight shaft being paired with a matching head the shaft is 'offset' - usually by 10 degrees. In effect this means the head is tilted backwards by 10 degrees which enables the ball to get into the 'sweet spot' quicker and allow a faster release. It can also help with ground balls and ball control. One watch out is in general 10 degree shafts can only be paired with 10 degree heads.

Get in touch!

We're based in Auckland, New Zealand and we try and hold stock all the time - that means when you order from us we can ship it straight away (obviously when there's no lockdown's / World Pandemics in place!) and you'll have it in your hands within a couple of days. If you have any issues with a product you can also contact us directly and we'll help you work out the best solution. 

Overseas Websites:

Please note if comparing prices vs overseas websites - they will be in US dollars and will generally charge you a large shipping fee (Approx US $70-100 for a stick)

You will also be liable for import taxes and GST when the items arrive into New Zealand.

Lacrosse Down Under includes all the import taxes, GST and international freight costs associated with getting the gear to New Zealand and build these into our prices. You will just need to pay for your domestic shipping charges when you order from us.

If you have any questions about any stick (from Lacrosse Down Under or elsewhere) let me know and I'll do my best to get you some more information:

Thank you for your support! :)