Getting started...

Lacrosse is a fast paced dynamic sport which is played globally by both guys and girls. The Women's and Men's games differ slightly in terms of equipment and rules so I’ll try and keep it as simple as possible. If you have questions please get in touch with us at: 

Women's Gear

Women's sticks are regulated by World Lacrosse although these rules have changed considerably recently. I've put some more information about choosing a stick here. Here in New Zealand we play to the World Lacrosse rules for all High School, Regional and National Tournaments and Leagues.

Beginner’s sticks are generally more forgiving than more advanced sticks. They have a wider head and a higher sidewall to help with catching and retaining the ball.

Women's Beginner Essentials

  • Stick 
  • Mouthguard
  • Goggles (Mandatory for all U18 Players in Auckland and Waikato) We recommend trying goggles on if possible before purchase to ensure a great fit.
  • Boots (eg Football boots) / Turf shoes


Women's Goalie Essentials:

Men's Gear

Guys sticks don’t have these same rules as the girls game so you don’t need to worry about checking them with any ‘legal’ lists.

However Men’s Lacrosse is full contact so a bit more equipment is needed to get started. Often schools and clubs are able to loan you some of this to begin with until you know that you want to continue and get your own gear.

There are a few items which are essential to start with and then others which can be added as you get more serious about the game.

Men's Beginner Essentials

Men's Goalie Essentials:

    Men's and Women's Optional Extras:


    Overseas Websites:

    Please note if comparing prices vs overseas websites - they will be in US dollars and will generally charge you a large shipping fee (Approx US $70-100 for a stick)

    You will also be liable for import taxes and GST when the items arrive into New Zealand.

    Lacrosse Down Under includes all the import taxes, GST and international freight costs associated with getting the gear to New Zealand and build these into our prices. You will just need to pay for your domestic shipping charges when you order from us.


    If you have any further questions please email us at: