Is my stick legal?

If you already play lacrosse you might have heard people talking about whether their stick is or isn't legal?

Basically the International Governing body for Lacrosse - called the FIL (Federation of International Lacrosse) brings out an annual list of lacrosse sticks that are 'Legal' to use Internationally. Here in NZ we generally always play with legal sticks as when you play any International game you have to abide by these rules so it has been decided that it's best to simply only use 'legal' sticks. In the US in the college / University NCAA leagues they use different rules which means they can use any stick at all. If those players then play in an International game they then have to switch to a legal stick.

All manufacturers have sticks which are on the legal list and others that aren't. It's quite confusing I know but really important when buying a new stick!!

Just to add another element to it, legal sticks also have to have legal stringing or pockets... this is also determined by the FIL and ensures consistency and safety throughout the game.

My personal recommendation to save you money and stress would be to always play with an FIL legal stick as it means you don't need to buy another for an International game or get used to playing with 2 different sticks.

All of the women's sticks on Lacrosse Down Under are FIL Legal and have legal pockets.

If you have any questions about any stick (from Lacrosse Down Under or elsewhere) let me know and I'll do my best to get you some more information: