Brine Women's Lacrosse Paramount Pocket


  • $3800

Customise your game using the Brine Paramount channel to match your stick to your club or school team whilst also creating a consistent smooth pocket to raise your game.

Buy as a kit or just the central channel

Fit Brine heads

Paramount Channel : Injection molded pocket with welding technology to enhance durability by eliminating stitching.

The Ghillie lacing system and flat nylon runners create flex points allowing the Paramount to channel the ball

Kit contains: 

  • 1 - Molded Paramount Channel
  • 2 - 80" Cross Lace
  • 2 - 28" Throw Strings
  • 3 - 24" Sidewall laces
  • 2 - Pocket Leathers
  • 1 - Brine Ball Stop

For more information about customising or restringing your stick send us a message! 

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