STX Crux Pro with Lock Pocket - Elite Women's Complete Stick


  • $52500

The Crux Pro has been upgraded for the ultimate in control, precision and accuracy for elite attackers. It's new, minimal design makes it the lightest Crux head in the history of the line.

Featuring the brand new Lock Pocket - the all new Hybrid pocket for Elite Players!!

Lock Pocket provides the best of both worlds. It has the strength and ball channel of a traditional pocket, plus the hold and control of a mesh pocket. This string combination provides the ultimate level of control and performance.

Lock Pocket Features

  • Unique knotted design allows for a soft catch and channels the ball straight to the sweet spot.
  • Nail your shots and passes every time with the reliable control and consistent release of Lock Pocket.
  • Thicker strings and knotted design provides superior longevity in all weather conditions.

Stick Features

  • New, minimal design for the lightest Crux head in history
  • Features EnduraForm™ – a new, proprietary formulation for improved toughness in a wider array of temperatures
  • DropRail™ technology minimizes sidewall design for superior ball retention and a wider range of motion
  • Speed Scoop™ enhances ground ball play with integrated top string protection
  • STX-exclusive Offset Technology naturally drives the ball to the sweet spot
  • The Crux Pro Elite complete stick comes mounted on a lightweight, 7/8" STX Crux Pro™ handle which features Shaft Lock™ and integrated end cap.


STX Crux Pro™ is the best stick in women's lacrosse. Period.



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